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The Unknown Lincoln
Although he didn’t play an instrument and seldom sang in public, Abraham Lincoln loved music; it was frequently the only thing that could distract him from his cares and sorrows.  Lincoln’s tastes were eclectic: he enjoyed everything from square dance tunes to opera. Deeply moved by tender and sentimental ballads, such as ‘Home Sweet Home,’ he also loved witty parodies like the Southern response to the government’s recruiting ballad, ‘We are Coming Father Abraham.’ HESPERUS’s performance of Lincoln’s favorites, accompanied by contemporary comments and quotations from the President, his friends and family, gives audiences a special insight into one of America’s most memorable public figures. Molly Andrews and Bruce Hutton, singers, are joined by Tina Chancey and Zan McLeod on banjo, guitar, harmonica, fiddle, mandolin, limber jack, hammered dulcimer and mouth bow.
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