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An Early American Quilt
Tina Chancey

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Tina Chancey-Director, Fiddle, Viola da gamba, Recorder
Scott Reiss-Founder, Recorders, Irish Whistle, Hammered Dulcimer
Grant Herried-Lute, Guitar, Theorbo, Recorder
Mark Cudek-Cittern, Baroque Guitar
Robert Eisenstein-Viola da gamba, Recorder
Peter Marshall-Harpsichord
With guests:
Melissa Weaver Dunning-Traditional Singer, Hesperus Shape-Note Chorus, Bonnie Rideout, Maggie Sansone, William Taylor, Philippe Varlet

An Early American Quilt
1. Noboddie's Jig
John Playford: Dancing Master (1651-1728)
3:26 MP3
2. Old Simon the King
John Walsh: Division Flute (1707)
3:15 MP3
3. Dublin Bay/Old Noll's Jig
John Playford: Dancing Master (1651-1728)
2:22 MP3
4. Scottish Dance/I Never Knew Ye Loved Me
Rowallan Lute Book (1620)
3:04 MP3
5. Bobbing Joe/Cuckolds All in a Row/Rufty Tufty/Parson's Farewell
John Playford: Dancing Master (1651-1728)
7:09 MP3
6. Jefferson 's March/Ça Ira/The Presidents' March
Traditional/French Traditional/Philip Phile
4:10 MP3
7. Jig Divided 12 Ways
John Playford: Apollo's Banquet (1669-90)
2:56 MP3
8. Greensleeves
2:06 MP3
9. Haste To The Wedding/The Priest In His Boots/Off She Goes
Benjamin Carr: First Book of Cotillions (1801) Irish traditional
3:55 MP3
10. Barbara Allen
4:24 MP3
11. Prelude/La Catherine Anon French/John Playford: Apollo's Banquet (1669-90) 3:11 MP3
12. Pavan/The Night Watch
Anthony Holborne (17th c. England )
5:43 MP3
13. Stingo
John Playford: Dancing Master (1651-1728)
1:57 MP3
14. Fortune My Foe (16th c. England ) 5:35 MP3
15. New Year's Eve
John Playford: Dancing Master (1651-1728)
2:19 MP3
16. New Jerusalem
Sacred Harp (18th c. America )
2:09 MP3
17. La Luxillier/La Balanje
Benjamin Carr: First Book of Cotillions (1801)
2:26 MP3
18. Go From My Window
John Dowland (16th c. England )
2:08 MP3
19. Trio Sonata #5 in D major: Largo et Amoroso-Allegro
Thomas Arne (18th c. England )
2:27 MP3
20. Merry Milkmaids
John Playford: Dancing Master (1651-1728)
1:40 MP3
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