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Colonial America
Maggies Music MM227

From the first colonists to the American Revolution and the birth of our republic, Hesperus' music reflects a time of new ideas, freedom and vitality. In town and village, parlor and ballroom, from the Appalachian mountains to the great concert halls hear the musical pulse of early American music performed on a wide variety of fok and early music instruments.

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Scott Reiss-Recorders, pennywhistle
Tina Chancey-Bass viola da gamba, fiddle & recorder
Grant Harried-Lute, theorbo, early guitars & recorder

Colonial America
1. Ricketts Hornpipe/Fisher's Hornpipe 2:30 MP3
2. Maiden Lane/Jack O'Lent/Chestnut/Bonny Broom 5:02 MP3
3. Parting Friends/Primrose 4:22 MP3
4. Flowers of Edinburgh/East Neuke of Fife 2:16 MP3
5. Prelude/La Catherine 3:15 MP3
6. Planxty Browne/Planxty Burke 1:46 MP3
7. Cutie Clat Her 2:41 MP3
8. John Come Kiss me Now 2:56 MP3
9. Scots Tune 1:39 MP3
10. Carolan's Farewell to Music 2:56 MP3
11. A Port 1:37 MP3
12. Yeil, Yeil 2:42 MP3
13. Kedron/Saint's Delight/Promised Land 2:34 MP3
14. Gird the Logie 2:38 MP3
15. La Belle Cavalier 1:33 MP3
16. La Luxillier/La Balanje 2:31 MP3
17. Federal Overture 7:51 MP3
18. Death & Life 6:44 MP3