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Dancing Day
Koch 3-7507-2

Traditional Christmas music from the British Isles, Italy, and Germany spanning the Middle Ages to the 18th century with Rosa Lamoreaux.

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Rosa Lamoreaux -soprano, percussion
Tina Chancey-treble and bass viols, vielle, kamenj, lyra, fiddle, rebec, recorder, percussion
Scott Reiss-recorders, hammered dulcimer, whistles, Arabic percussion, medieval bells
Mark Cudek-cittern, lute
Jane Hershey-tenor and bass viols, recorder, and percussion
Joshua Lee-bass viol, percussion
Daniel Rippe-bass viol, percussion

Dancing Day
1. Cristo E Nato 13th-Century Italian 3:06 MP3
2. From Heaven on High Traditional Scottish 4:17 MP3
3. Seven Rejoices of Mary Traditional Irish 4:11 MP3
4. Dies Est Laticiae 16th-Century Germany 2:26 MP3
5. A Virgin Most Pure Traditional English arr. Chancey 4:38 MP3
6. Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day Traditional English 3:06 MP3
7. Natus Est Rex 11th-Century French 6:57 MP3
8. Ah, My Dear Son 16th-Century English 5:13 MP3
9. A Wassail Traditional English 3:07 MP3
10. Lute Book Lullaby 16th-Century English 5:04 MP3
11. The Old Year Now Away is Fled Traditional English 4:17 MP3
12. Wexford Carol Traditional Irish 5:23 MP3
13. Nowell, Nowell Tidings True 15h-Century English 2:45 MP3
14. In Sapiencia 14th-Century Spanish 5:18 MP3
15. Salutiam Divotamente 13th-Century Italian 2:22 MP3
16. Verbum Patris 14th-Century English 1:44 MP3
17. Lord of the Dance Traditional American 3:33 MP3