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The Food of Love
The Food of Love: Early Instrumental Music of the British Isles
Dorian DOR-90290

Renaissance instrumental music from the British Isles. Dances, ayres, divisions and variations, featuring HESPERUS’ trademark­—improvisation.

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Tina Chancey-treble and bass viols, fiddle
Scott Reiss-recorders
Grant Herreid-lute, guitar, theorbo
Jane Hershey-viols (tr.8 Tenor, tr.16 Treble, trs. 13,17,18 Bass)

Food of Love
1. Dorrington Lads William Dixon (1733), Nine Notes that Shook the World 4:29 MP3
2. Westmorland/Moll Peatly/An Old Man is a Bed Full of Bones/Ten Pound Lass/Cuckolds all in a row John Playford (1651), English Dancing Master 9:22 MP3
3. Roslin Castle Trad. Irish Ballad 4:43 MP3
4. The Satyrs' Masque Robert Johnson (1611), Masque of Oberon 2:29 MP3
5. Mr. Baptiste of France his Ground John Playford (1684), Division Violin 2:38 MP3
6. My Lord of Oxenfords Maske Thomas Morley (c.1557-1602), First Booke of Consort Lessons 2:52 MP3
7. A Ground by Mr. Finger Division Violin 2:24 MP3
8. Browning Elway Bevin (c. 1554-1602) 2:48 MP3
9. The Jew's Dance Masque Dance 1:46 MP3
10. Gray's Inn John Coperario (1613), Masque of the Inner Temple & Gray's In (Improvisation by Tina Chancey) 4:25 MP3
11. Lady Rich's Galliard/Lady Laiton's Almain/The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth her Galliard John Dowland (15-63-1626), (Arr. Scott Reiss) 5:09 MP3
12. Fancy Dowland 2:42 MP3
13. Pavan Dowland 5:02 MP3
14. Washington's March Dancing Master (Arr. in Scottish bagpipe style by Tina Chancey) 3:31 MP3
15. Devision for a trible viol to play with a virginal Anon. 2:44 MP3
16. The Maiden's Song William Byrd (1543-1623), (Arr. Grant Herried) 3:27 MP3
17. Fantasia Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625) 2:28 MP3
18. Bonny Sweet Robin Thomas Simpson (c.1582-c.1630) 3:45 MP3