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Koch 374532

A re-issue of HESPERUS’ popular crossover CD For No Good Reason At All, a fusion of medieval, Renaissance, Appalachian, ragtime, vaudeville and the blues, all on more than 25 early and traditional instruments.

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Scott Reiss-Recorders, Hammerd Dulcimer, dumbek, finger cymbals, whistle
Tina Chancey-Bass viola da gamba, fiddle, vielle, rebec, kamenj, recorder
Bruce Hutton-Vocals, lap dulcimer, banjos, guitars, mandolin, ukelele, kazoo, mouth bow

1. Ad Mortem Festinamus (14th c. Spanish) 1:15 MP3
2. Morning Blues (Uncle Dave Macon) 2:51 MP3
3. Ortiz Hoedown (Diego Ortiz, 16th c. Spanish) 2:22 MP3
4. Cantiga/Ballad of Little Sadie (13th c. Spanish/Trad.) 3:44 MP3
5. Alta Trinita/Railroadin'Through the Rocky Mountains (14th c. Italian/Trad.) 3:00 MP3
6. Drunkard's Lament (Trad. Ballad) 3:14 MP3
7. Spanish Fandango (Trad.) 2:15 MP3
8. Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson) 3:34 MP3
9. Veille Cantigas (13th c. Spanish) 3:32 MP3
10. Hobokentanz (Tielman Susato, 16th c. Flemish) 2:45 MP3
11. For No Good Reason at All (Cliff Edwards) 3:24 MP3
12. The Devil and the Farmer's Wife/ Campbell's Retreat from Red Gap (Trad.) 6:23 MP3
13. Sales Tax Toddle (Trad.) 2:00 MP3
14. Bulldoze Blues (Henry Thomas) 4:15 MP3
15. La Valse de Bombarche (Cajun/Susato) 3:40 MP3
16. Ma Tredol Rossignol (Borlet, 14th c. French) 1:37 MP3
17. Lone Star Rag (Trad.) 2:27 MP3
18. Willie Moore (Trad. Ballad) 4:11 MP3
19. Johnson Boys (Trad.) 2:39 MP3
20. Beatrice/Ukranian Tune (Trad.) 3:11 MP3
21. Saltarello/The Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me (14th c. Italian/Swanstone, Carvon, and Morgan) 3:55 MP3