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Dorian DIS-80157

A fusion of Old-time Appalachian, blues, Cajun, and world music with medieval and renaissance sounds

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Tina Chancey-viols, fiddle, vielle, kamenj, lyra, recorder, rebec, vocals
Scott Reiss-recorders, dombek, nakara, hammered dulcimer, flageolet, Cajun triangle
Bruce Huttom-banjos, guitars, National Steel guitar, ukulele, mouth bow, lap dulcimer, mandolin, vocals
Bruce Molsky-fiddle, guitar, banjo, vocals

1. Bransles Jacques Modern (16th c.French) 3:08 MP3
2. Say Old Man Can You Play the Fiddle Traditional American 2:56 MP3
3. Gracieusette / Cotton-eyed Joe Jehan Lescurel (14th c. French ) / Appalachian 3:45 MP3
4. Shake it Down Classic Blues 2:17 MP3
5. Lady Gay Traditional Ballad 3:10 MP3
6. Red Rockin' Chair Appalachian 2:49 MP3
7. Chicken Tree The Louisville Jug Band 3:10 MP3
8. Como Poden Cantiga de Santa Maria (13th c. Spanish) 3:36 MP3
9. Rhymer's Favorite / Allemande & Ronde Appalachian / Tielmann Susato (16th c. Flemish) 5:48 MP3
10. Contre le Temps / Back Door Man 14th c. French / Traditional Blues 5:34 MP3
11. Enhorningen Mats Eden (Scandinavian) 5:20 MP3
12. Captain Kidd British Broadside (1701) 4:10 MP3
13. La Valse de Guedan Cajun 3:26 MP3
14. Herdsman's tune African from Nande, Congo (Zaire) 1:24 MP3
15. Lady Hamilton Appalachian 2:21 MP3
16. Little Rabbit Traditional American 2:23 MP3
17. Midnight on the Water / La Shymyze Traditional American / Mulliner Book (16th c. English) 7:58 MP3
18. La Bounette / Jenny on the Railroad Mulliner Book / Traditional American 3:36 MP3