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Community Registries-The Robin Hood Project


Celebrate the gallant rogue with a weekend Renaissance Festival to launch the Douglas Fairbanks film. Here are some events that can be enjoyed by the whole family—and community!

SURROUNDING THE MOVIE (HESPERUS and local participants)

_ Back-story 1: The Film—Your local film buff tells production secrets. How did Fairbanks slide down that 100-ft. wall?
_ Back-story 2: The Music—HESPERUS describes the creation of its unique merger of early music and film.
_ Back-story 3: Be a History Detective—Will the real Robin Hood please stand up?Who was Robin Hood? Lecture or panel discussion.
_ Popcorn Reception—For halls that don’t allow food, the reception may take place in the foyer.
_ Screen the Film with live music by HESPERUS. Running time: 2 hours plus intermission. Equipment required: DVD player & projector & screen, TV monitor, 4 Manhasset stands with stand lights.

SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES & WORKSHOPS (Elementary through College—see Residency Activities sheet) (HESPERUS)

_ Will the Real Robin Hood Please Stand Up? (all ages)
_ Music & instruments of Robin Hood’s time (all ages)
_ Back-story: Douglas Fairbanks and Hesperus (5th grade-college)
_ Classroom workshop—Be a Renaissance Newscaster (5th grade–college)
_ Teachers’ Training Workshop—Be a Renaissance Newscaster:  Create a “Broadside Ballad” (4-5 hour workshop)

RENAISSANCE FAIRE (HESPERUS, local participants, and food vendors)—at a library, church, school or community center

_ Renaissance Midway—craftspeople, jugglers, town crier, merry men & maids, Morris dancers
_ Story Hour—a book on a medieval or renaissance topic (for ages 3-7)
_ Puppet Show—The Reluctant Dragonor another fairy tale theme (for ages 4–8)
_ Parade & Home-made Costume Contest with just-for-fun prizes (ages 7–12)
_ HESPERUS Concert/Informance—music from Robin Hood’s time (age 8–adult)
_ 16th Century Play, Robin Hood and the Potterwith student performers & HESPERUS. Scenes from Shakespeare can also be performed, by an adult or teen troupe. (all ages).
_ Archery & Broadsword Demos by the Society for Creative Anachronism or local weapons buff.

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