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HESPERUS’ recordings reflect the ensemble’s rather wide-ranging focus during its thirty-plus years of activity: Cultural Portraits of a single genre through time, Crossover-Fusions of early and traditional music, and straight-ahead Early Music: medieval, renaissance and baroque.  New items include the third in Director Tina Chancey’s Versatile Viol series, American Landscape (spring 2010) and the first DVD of a five-part series documenting HESPERUS’ Early Music/Silent Film collaborations, Douglas Fairbanks’ Mark of Zorro (fall 2010). 

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Early American Roots

The Early American Roots Tunebook is a companion volume to HESPERUS' Early American Roots CD (Maggie's Music MMCD216).

Published by Mel Bay, it features sheet music for every piece on the CD, including chords, ornaments, counter melodies and improvisations.

Recorder Edition
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Violin Edition
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